Servizi di Call Center

Call center services


Seven days a week, from 10 am to 11 pm, Andromede processes over 15,000 contacts.

Main customers are big telecommunications companies, for which we arrange daily shipment and delivery of all their products sold in Italy, Germany, France, England and Spain.


The current continuing economic crisis has further aggravated the situation of the timing in payment, bringing the small, medium and large firms to devote many resources to try to manage the credits solicits.

Andromede has specialized the outsourcing management of credits solicits, thus allowing companies to get real and independent help, to improve the timing of payment on ordinary loans. Outsourcing the credits solicits provide a level of privacy and quality / kindness in handling the contact decidedly superior to in-house management.


In order to optimize the company’s organization and minimizing fixed costs, Andromede is able to support companies in customer care activities for the first level, or to provide support to customers and business partners for:

  • Open trouble tickets (phone + email) for assistance requests and technical support.
  • Information and referrals service centers and dealers.

Andromede is structured to manage the service even in call back mode.


The success of an event is heavily influenced by a proper and efficient organization before, during and after the event. This involves the use of several resources often used in low profile activities.

Andromede is able to support companies in the pre-and post-event activities with call-back for the management of:

  • Confirmation of invitation’s receipt.
  • Confirmation of enrollment and verification of datas for recording.
  • Logistics information.
  • Post-event feedback.

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